Individual Job

To add an Individual Job or Position to a Team, select the tab <Individual Jobs>  in a Headcount Team Widget and click the button <+ Add Job>

Enter the following parameters

  • Position for the job (e.g. CTO)
  • Organizational Function for the Job (e.g. Marketing, Sales, ..) 
  • Job Type (select between Employee or Contractor)
  • Job's Headcount in % (e.g. a full time person is accounted with 100%, a half time person with 50%) - f you want to hire more than 1 headcount at given point in time, you can actually enter percentages higher than 100%. 
  • Monthly Base Salary paid for the job
  • Monthly Variable Salary paid for the job
  • Average Benefits and Taxes Rate paid by the company for Employees (for a Contractor the value is set to 0)
  • Salary Growth in % for the job
  • Time Period for the salary increase (typically: Yearly)
Add Team Job