Expense Menu

The Expense Menu is one of the  key menu items to create, manage and review key expense components of a Lean-Case project. You find the different views PlanCheck and Track to create and review your assumptions related to indirect operating expenses (OpEx).

The Expense Widget used is actually the basis to capture all cost and expense relates items in Lean-Case 

  • direct cost for Cost of Goods Sold, Cost of Selling and Cost of Marketing
  • indirect cost for other G&A, S&M and R&D expenses and
  • headcount related cost (which can be assigned as direct or indirect cost) 

Expense Groups are the Lean-Case concept to add and manage different types of general indirect  cost for S&M, R&D and G&A. Each expense group can be categorized by Cost Type, Function and Location.

  • To add a new Group, click on <+ Add Expenses>. Give your expense group a name and assign the expense category, typically G&A, S&M or R&D. 
  • You have 4 different ways to add expenses:
  • Time-based Expenses  - You can add Expense based on time. These are expenses which happen (once, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) (e.g. a monthly, quarterly or yearly expense such as rent or audit cost) 
  • Volume-based Expenses - You can add Expense item based on volumes (driven by the number of units, customers, sales teams and sales partners). We differentiate between volume driven cost which 
  • one-time cost - they occur once. e.g. when you score a new customers, or when you onboard a new sales team and volume driven cost which occur ongoing, e.g. a customer service charge for all existing customers and
  • ongoing cost for a Sales Team)based on drivers (e.g. integration cost per new customer or license cost per unit sold)
  • Percent-based Expenses  The third way to add expense is that you can add Expense as a percentage of another revenue or expense item, e.g. Admin Cost as a percentage of salaries or payment cost as a percentage of revenues or Sales Commission in % of New Revenues, ..)
  • One-Time or irregular Expenses If none of the 3 first ways work for you, simply add an Expense Item by creating, uploading and/or editing a data series using the Lean-Case Spreadsheet Widget. You can simply edit the values, upload a file (find a sample file here), create a data series according to rules which you specify.(e.g. one time cost for a conference) 
  • In the top bar, you select which time periods you want to see. A monthly view showing 1 year, a quarterly view showing 3 years or yearly view showing 5 years. You can also browse through the periods. The key metrics in the upper left corner as well as the two charts always show data for the time period which you have selected. Please check out the additional links in the Getting Started Box which provide more help through our help portal.