Time-based Expense ($) 

The Lean-Case Expense Widget is used to capture Cost of Goods Sold, Cost of Selling, Cost of Marketing, Headcount-related cost and general Expenses. 

Learn how to enter a cost or expense item based on time, e.g. 

  • monthly rent
  • quarterly audit or
  • yearly subscription

To add a time-based expense to a Cost or  Expense Group, click the <Add Cost/Expense Item> button and select the    tab.

Add Expense ($) as Currency Value

To add an expense based on time periods, set the Time / Volume switch to "Time"

Enter the following parameters

  • Description of cost item
  • Account to which cost item should be assigned
  • Cost Amount 
  • Time period for Amount (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)
  • Starting Month for cost item
  • Ending Month  for cost item
  • Growth Driver for cost item (if growing in % or in $ terms)
  • Growth Rate/Value per period (e.g. growing 5% or 5$ per month)   
Add Expense ($) as Currency Value

A time-based expense can be based on the following time periods:

Add Expense ($) as Currency Value