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Why Startups love Lean-Case

Learn why BCG DV and startups  recommend Lean-Case.

Only 21% of Experts trusts their own spreadsheets.

Realistic, explicable models

  • Easily model and simulate the real world - based on your customer lifecycle
  • Combine different revenue streams with forecast models and apply cross-selling and up/downgrades mechanisms 
  • Use relevant value drivers to set up cost and headcounts – all this without worrying about spreadsheets formulas, cell references and look-ups

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Example of a SaaS Model.  We have many models available.
unit economics
Unit Economics Dashboard

The New Accurate Way

Unit Economics

  • Understand the magic question of unit economocs "Is Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) higher than Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)?"
  • Understand the right investment requirements based on unit economics  
  • Compare your metrics with industry’s best benchmarks and metrics definitions

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Uncover costly problems before they're real.

Investor-Ready Dashboards

  • Save days of work - visualize customer numbers revenues forecast and growth trajectories
  • Understand headcounts plans in terms of cost and hiring plans - investors speak numbers so you can 
  • Use standard definitions - Show how profitability margins, cash flow and funding needs develop over time

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Example of Profitability Dashboard
Lean-Case sharing
Sharing your numbers with Viewing or Editing Rights

The New Accurate Way

Share and Stay in control

  • Control access to your sensitive numbers 
  • Only share your Lean-Case with relevant people -  peers with editing and investors and boards with viewing rights
  • Export charts and data for your pitch deck

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Other Startups using Lean-Case

Loved by Corporate Investors

With Lean-Case, we created a revenue focused, transparent and logical financial plan for our follow up round. Highly professional, super efficient and loved by our corporate investors.

Elmar Eperiesi-Beck CEO & Founder - eperi Software

Investor Trust

Ask any startup founder and they will tell you that the hardest part in succeeding is not getting funding for a great idea. I don’t think we would have managed to get our investors trust us without the solid business plan we’ve built with the help of Lean-Case.

Aran Hamilton President / Co-Founder - Vantage

Outperforming other tools

As a serial entrepreneur, I tried different business planning software before. Lean-Case has really impressed me with its complex business models that are fully customizable. I am able to create solid plans, with a level of detail that I could not access before, with the other tools available on the market.

Jarkko Anttiroiko Co Founder & CEO - Enterpay

Metrics which Matter

We were introduced to Lean-Case through our accelerator and we loved it right from the start. We are typical "Excel Modelers", but this amazing software got us understand what metrics matter for the business and the investors, how to plan the right way and how to get a flawless pitch.

Simone Di Somma CEO INNaaS
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