Attract investors with a great plan

As a startup, you want to boost your chances of funding, but you are struggling to get investors trust your numbers. The problem is that you need more financial expertise and better tools than excel, while focusing on the metrics that matter. Lean-Case will offer you all that, and more.

Attract Investors with great Lean_Case plan

Plan and run your business like a pro

Modelling and tracking a business is hard work. You often have to re-invent the obvious in Excel, with no benchmarks at hand, no idea about the viability of your case, and no learnings. Now, with Lean-Case you get the perfect solution to:

Plan growth smarter

Take decision faster

Track progress smoother

Get a clear vision on your business

If you are not trying to understand revenues and cost and related metrics, you are lying to yourself, decrease your chances of funding, and never build trust with your investors. Get a crystal clear view on your business’ future with Lean-Case.

Lean-Case Startup Pitching

Run your business smoothly

Planning it right is just the beginning. Keep your business healthy and growing and let your peers and investors know how well you are doing, at any time.

Lean Case Track and Manage

Track and manage progress against your plan 

Check if you are meeting your sales goals and staying on budget. Track progress against this plan and adjust if and where necessary, at any time.

Lean Case Share Updates

Share your updates with your peers and investors

Be fully transparent with your peers and investors by offering them access and clarity on plans, actuals and key metrics, as well as relevant benchmark data, all in one place.

Ask any startup founder and they will tell you that the hardest part in succeeding is not getting a great idea and planning it, which is already difficult enough, but getting funding. I don’t think we would have manage to get our investors trust us without the solid business plan we’ve built with the help of Lean-Case.

We were introduced to Lean-Case through our accelerator and we loved it right from the start. We are typical "Excel Modelers", but this amazing software got us understand what metrics matter for the business and the investors, how to plan the right way and how to get a flawless pitch.

As a serial entrepreneur, I tried different business planning software before. Lean-Case has really impressed me with its complex business models that are fully customizable. I am able to create solid plans, with a level of detail that I could not access before, with the other tools available on the market.

Our Lean-Case project was to the point - we created a transparent and sound financial plan for our follow up round. High quality, super efficient and loved by our investors

Aran Hamilton President / Co-Founder of Vantage
Simone Di Somma CEO INNaaS
Jarkko Anttiroiko Co Founder & CEO Enterpay
ELMAR EPERIESI-BECK CEO and Founder eperi Software, Darmstadt

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