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Calculate your business case
Monthly Marketing Budget

How much marketing budget do you spend monthly? (e.g. you spend $1000 per month for marketing on Linkedin to create new leads)


What percentage do you want to increase your marketing budget on a quarterly basis?

Budget Growth Per Quarter in %
Cost per Lead

What is the average cost for any lead which you generate through your marketing activity? (e.g. creating a lead on Linkedin which signs up on your website might cost you $10)

Lead-to-Deal Conversion Rate in %

What percentage of leads do you convert into deals (e.g. 10% of your leads become paying customers?)

Avg. Revenue per Deal per Month

How much recurring revenue do you generate on average with 1 paying customer per month? (this is also known as MRR = Monthly Recurring Revenue)

Monthly Customer Churn Rate in %

What percentage of customers do churn on a monthly basis? (i.e. you cannot retain these customers, they terminate the contract)

Onboarding Cost per Customer

How much money do you spend to onboard new customers? (e.g. one-time cost for scoring, integration, training, ..)

Cost of Goods Sold in % of Revenue

What percentage of revenue do you spend to cover the ongoing, monthly cost which occurs per customer (e.g. monthly cost for hosting, ongoing customer support, ...)

Answer 6 Key Investor Questions

What's your revenue potential?

Set up your Customer Lifecycle

  • Add Funnel, Subscription, One-Time or Pay-per-use Revenue Streams to model the customer lifecycle and contracts
  • Pick Forecast Models to feed Volume into the lifecycle model
  • Add Conversion Rules to simulate up-selling and convert customer from one stream to the next
  • Add Churn to mimic contract cancellations

Learn how to set up a model by Watching our Product Tour

Is your business viable?

Add revenue related cost "Cost of Goods Sold" and "Cost of Customer Acquitions" 

  • Time-based Cost – e.g. Hosting
  • One-time Volume-based Cost – e.g. for Onboarding
  • On-going Volume-based Cost – e.g. for Call Center Charges
  • One-Time or irregular cost – e.g. for Events

Learn about Unit Economics by Watching our Product Tour

When are you becoming profitabel? 

Add Headcounts and Expenses 

  • Jobs – e.g. Hire the CTO in February
  • Job Groups – e.g. Hire 1 Engineer per month
  • Team Roles – e.g. Hire 1 Agent per 100 Customer
  • Mgr. Roles – e.g. Hire 1 Lead per 6 Engineers
  • Add Staff related cost – e.g. IT Onboarding Cost per new Employee
  • Add Expenses Groups for indirect cost – e.g. Admin Cost in % of Revenue

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What is the Maximum Invest required?

Add Investments and Funding

  • Funding Events – e.g.  Bank Balance at Start and Loans with interest
  • Investments – e.g. Buy IT Hardware and depreciate over 60 month

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What If?

Simulate, Share and Export

  • Create Scenarios of the Same Business Model and Compare Potential
  • Share your Lean-Case Scenarios with Peers or Decision Makers for Editing or Viewing
  • Browse and Download Data and Charts for further Analysis
  • … and even download a working Excel Model
    for banks or VCs or clients

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What's your progress against plan? 

Run Monthly Standups

  • Measure projections against results
  • Track goals to understand the gaps
  • Integrate Actuals from 3rd party system
  • Track business objectives to ensure succes

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Much wiser decisions

In using Lean-Case for our innovation services, we understand the realistic revenue levers and cost drivers much better. What a joy compared to any Excel work! Our financial decisions are much wiser now, our risk of taking bad decisions has decreased significantly.

Ralph Meister

COO Sodexho

ralph meister

Investor Trust

Ask any startup founder and they will tell you that the hardest part in succeeding is not getting funding for a great idea. I don’t think we would have managed to get our investors trust us without the solid business plan we’ve built with the help of Lean-Case.

Aran Hamilton

President / Founder Vantage

Aran Hamilton

Metrics which Matter

We were introduced to Lean-Case through our accelerator and we loved it right from the start. We are typical "Excel Modelers", but this amazing software got us understand what metrics matter for the business and the investors, how to plan the right way and how to get a flawless pitch.

Simone Di Somma


Simone Di Somma

Calculate your financial model without Excel

Use a Lean-Case Blueprint to get started

  • Freemium – Subscriber Upsell
  • Freemium – Subscriber Upsell
  • Freemium – Service Upsell
  • eCommerce – Acquisition
  • eCommerce – Loyalty
  • eCommerce – Hybrid
  • eCommerce – Dropshipping
  • Low Price Offer – Product Cross-Sell
  • Low Price Offer – Subscriber Cross-Sell
  • Advertising – Display Ads
  • Advertising – Affiliate Links
  • Advertising – Pay per Click
  • Mobile App Download
  • Account-Based Forecasting
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • SaaS – SMB 
  • SaaS – Midmarket
  • SaaS – Enterprise Model
  • Sales Target (Rule-of-78)
  • SaaS Template – Point9 
  • SaaS Template – David Skok
  • Pay-per-Use – Minimum Fee
  • Pay-Per-Use – $-Fee per Transaction
  • Pay-Per-Use – %-Fee of Trx Volume
  • Pay-Per-Use – Trx-Fee which ever higher
  • Transaction Processing Model
  • Commission-based Model
  • Software License / Maintenance Model
  • IP License / Royalty Model

... if you don’t find a business model template

to match your business scenario – 

let us know and we’ll create it.

Sharing - Reporting - Exporting your Business Plan


Stay in control. Decide who can access your plan 

Invite peers to work on your model. Invite investors to view your model

  • Share a a link to view the dashboard of one of your projec scenarios with anyone
  • Invite your peers to become an Editor of your project
  • Invite decicion makers or investors to view your entire project
  • at any time, rekoke any of the privileges

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All reports, insights, metrics included

Dozens of viewpoints to explore and be ready for the tricky questions 

  • Profit & Loss Summary with dashboard
  • Cash-Flow Statement
  • Interactive Dashboards how customer numbers, revenues, expenses, headcounts, profitability and cash flow develop 
  • Key Metrics on Unit Economics

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Highest flexibility. All numbers in your own documents.

Sharing a Lean-Case model is not sufficient. You still need Excel or Powerpoints?

  • Export any chart as a picture
  • Export all chart data to copy-paste into powerpoints (and leverage our powerpoints) 
  • Export monthly, quarterly, yearly views of your profit & loss statement 

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Create a trusted with your investors

And for Stakeholders who require it: Even export a working Excel Model

Even though Lean-Case is a far superior way to create business models and scenarios - there are still stakeholders that require a business model in Excel.

You may need to submit a spreadsheet for a bank loan, or send to VCs for funding consideration. And if you are a consultant, you can amaze your clients with the most comprehensive business model in Excel they have ever seen.

Lean-Case allows you to download the full model - so you'll have a fully editable Excel sheet of your entire business model.

Read our free 50 page report explaining How to create a Lean-Case project

Loved by Corporate Investors

With Lean-Case, we created a revenue focused, transparent and logical financial plan for our follow up round. Highly professional, super efficient and loved by our corporate investors.

The Standard for Business Plannning

I have been extremely impressed at how Lean-Case has allowed the team to deliver highest quality efficiently across a wide variety of business cases in a very short time.Lean-Case will become our standard tool for business planning.

Business Focus

Trying to understand Excel Models to evaluate a business opportunity if frustrating. Lean-Case provides right platform to evaluate opportunities focusing the discussion on business assumptions and learnings. Now we can really focus on what matters, growing the business!

Lean-Case sets a Standard

Lean-Case should be the Standard for every VC! We've been able to raise our initial round of $36m for Newstore working with the Lean-Case Team. The approach is focused on the customer lifecycle which is the key driver for revenue planning. Logical but very hard to do in spreadsheets.

Elmar Eperiesi-Beck CEO & Founder - eperi Software
Jürgen Eckel Partner and Managing Director - BCG Digital Ventures, Berlin
Ingo Franz Venture Partner - Kreaxi
Stephan Schambach Serial Entrepreneur - Newstore, Demandware, Intershop

Enabling the Monthly Standup

While planning enables you to set forward-looking projections, you must also measure the projections against the actual result and set, manage and track your business objectives - even by connecting to 3rd party systems.

There is a huge opportunity if you measure your actual progress against your plan. Where you are today versus where you set the projection? 


Ensure success - track objectives

Objectives set the direction for the organization

Sit down periodically and define the objectives on what you are trying to achieve. In tracking your progress vs your objectives on a monthly bassis, review priorities, capture status and analyse progress and define next steps.

Learn how to track objectives by Watching our Product Tour

Understand the gaps - track your goals

Goals are numbers that define what success looks like.

In reviewing your KPI goals, check actual data, analyse problems and define Goal Status as well as Progress and Next Steps.

Integrate performance data from 3rd party systems  (e.g. from ChartMogul or DATEV - more to come).

Learn how to track goals by Watching our Product Tour


Over the past 20 years, I've worked closely with startups - I've been a startup - I've invested in startups - and I've worked with consultants, VCs, incubators and accelerators.

I understand all sides of the game. I know what all parties want, and need. And how to bridge the gap between them.

Lean-Case was born out of this experience. And from seeing countless attempts by startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses to recreate the wheel when presenting to investors and other stakeholders.

I've already paid these dues ... you don't need to.

Everything you need has been built into Lean-Case, so you can on DAY ONE, present your business like a seasoned professional - and get the green light you're seeking.

Eckhard Ortwein

Eckhard Ortwein
CEO & Founder Lean-Case

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