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Eckhard Ortwein


my name is Eckhard Ortwein, I am the Founder of Lean-Case and an expert in Business Planning, Startup Fundraising and Investment Decisions.

Over the past 20 years, I've worked closely with startups, innovation and new product projects - I've been a startup - I've invested in startups. I am working as a consultant, M&A Advisor and VC Partner with startups and corporate carve-outs, strategic and private equity investors,  incubators, and accelerators.

If you run a startup or a product, sales and innovation project, Lean-Case is going to give you everything you need to know to create a strong and logical business model

  • If you are trying to raise your next round, 
  • If you are trying to plan your next mil and check a business or project idea,
  • if you want to increase investor's trust, 
  • If you want to learn which metrics matter to investors, 
  • If you are trying to track your business performance monthly, 

If you are a decision maker, investor or consultant, Lean-Case is going to give you everything to evaluate new opportunities and set standards for your portfolio of startups, projects or customers

  • If you run a due diligence.
  • If you evaluate an invest opportunity,
  • if you rollout a "Metrics which Matter" training program for your portfolio, 
  • If you want to set standards for decision making, 
  • If you want to impress customers with your innovation approach

In this severe, global economic downturn, the focus on numbers and metrics to fund investment and business opportunities will become paramount. Given that fundraising can take many months if you are running out of cash, then you should start fundraising soon anyway

Why I founded Lean-Case?

I’ve learned many lessons the hard way and have the scars to prove it

I really want you to avoid the same mistakes which I did in the past and which I am seeing so many people doing on a daily basis. 

  • As an early entrepreneur, I burnt thru a lot of money doing all the mistakes which you do if you have too much money, no time and no plan - until money ran out and we changed for the better
  • As a later entrepreneur, I had no time, no money but thought to have a plan. Actually, after weeks of work we had an awesome great financial model but no clue about the real assumptions - until we learned from our numbers and successfully build an OEM strategy in the U.S. and exited.
  • As an early business angel, I made a terrible investment being blended by product and team not asking about unit economics. That did not help anyone. The company crashed 3 years later.
  • As an M&A Advisor and VC Partner, I am seeing lots of great companies and product ideas with little clue about metrics every day. And I can see investors and decision makers struggle to evaluate opportunities on a daily basis.

 Don't re-invent the obvious. Feel free to book a time to talk.

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