Percent-based Expense (%) 

The Lean-Case Expense Widget is used to capture Cost of Goods Sold, Cost of Selling, Cost of Marketing, Headcount-related cost  and general Expenses. 

Learn how to enter a cost or expense item based on pecentages of revenues, e.g.  

  • Payment or Logistics as percent of revenues
  • IT Cost as % of revenues

To add an expense as a percent value, click the <Add ...> button and select the    tab.

Enter the following parameters 

  • Description of cost item
  • Account to which cost item should be assigned
  • Cost Amount 
  • Revenue Driver for the Expense Item
  • Revenue Stream/Plan for the revenue Driver
Add Expense (%) as Percent Value

You can link a %-Expense to

  • a $-Expense Value in the same widget (e.g. travel cost is 10 % of all event cost)
  • a $-Expense Value in another widget (e.g. overall training cost is 10 % of all engineering staff cost)
  • a $-Revenue Value in another widget (e.g. Payment cost is 2% of Total Revenues, Hosting cost is 10% of B2C Revenues ..)