Pitch Menu (optional)

Lean-Case allows you to enable the additional menu Pitch if you want to pitch your business plan in more detail for users with which you share your Lean-Case Project. A Pitch is structured by Pages. We suggest a proven structure for your Pitch with the pages on Cover Information, Proposition, Market Size, Progress, Unique Insights, Business Model, Team and Ask applied by 500 Startups.

View the Pitch

If a user selects the Pitch Menu, she can

  • view the cover page
  • browse the Pitch by scrolling down or
  • show the page menu and jump to any page 

Edit the Pitch

Before users can read your Pitch, you must

  • Create the Pitch and 
  • Publish the Pitch

To edit your Pitch, select Project Menu > Pitch 


The Pitch Module opens.

You can work in 2 modes which offer different toolbars. 

  • In View Mode, you can preview the Pitch. This is the default mode in which the Pitch Module starts. 
  • In Edit Mode, you can adapt and edit your Pitch

If you are in View Mode, click Edit to switch to Edit Mode.


If you are in Edit Mode, click Preview to return to View Mode.


In both modes - via the toolbar - you can at any time

  • Save the current version of your Pitch and continue editing later 
  • Publish / Unpublish your Pitch so that users can see / can no longer see it
  • Show / Hide Page Menu to review the page structure of your Pitch 

As described above, the Pitch is structured in pages. If you want to adapt this structure, switch 

  • Switch to Edit Mode and
  • Show the Page Menu 

Add, remove and sort Pages

Via the toolbar, you can

  • Add a Page to the end of the Pitch. This can be another Cover Page or a Simple Page  
  • Remove a Page and
  • Move Pages up and Move Page down in the structure. Note that you always move the page which you have currently selected.

Add, delete and move Page Elements

Each Page is made up of different elements which you can change via the Page Edit Toolbar.  


To edit the elements of a page, select the page in the Page Menu. Via the toolbar, you can 

  • Add new elements to the bottom of the page.
  • when you select an element, you can 
  • Delete it or
  • Move it up or Move it down in the page

On the Cover Page, you can edit all standard elements

  • Logo URL
  • Company Name
  • Cover Title
  • Year  as well as
  • Contact Info (Name, Phone, Email and Website 

On any other page, you can edit and add the following Page Elements

  • Edit the Page Heading - simply edit the Page Heading in the Page Menu
  • Add Label  - a label is another heading to structure the page  
  • Add Paragraph  - a paragraph is another body text element 
  • Add Chart  - a line chart can be added using the Lean-Case Spreadsheet Widget
  • Add Image - add an image via an Image URL
  • Add Break - add a break to structure the page better