Dashboard Menu

The Dashboard Menu is the key menu to review a Lean-Case project. This is why everyone invited to a project as an Editor or Viewer is being directed  to the Dashboard Menu.

The dashboard has 2 sub-menus Profit&Loss  and Insights

Profit & Loss

The submenu Profit & Loss shows a combined profit and loss and a cash flow statement. Here you can find all data in one place - Revenues, CogS CaC, operating expenses for headcounts and expenses. You can drill down into each total and see the data by revenue stream.  At the same time, the P&L report serves as a simple simulation dashboard – you can select which revenues streams, teams and expense groups you want to include in the numbers.

The key metrics show

  • Number of customers at the end of the selected period
  • Total Revenues at the end of the selected period
  • Time-to-break-even which is the first time period when EBITDA get positive
  • Maximum cash required to fund the project which is the minimum of the Cumulated Cash Flow from Operations and
  • Time-to-get-invest-back which is the first time period when Cumulated Cash Flow from Operations is positive


The submenu Insights has several tabs. You can check results of assumptions which you entered in the revenue, headcount and expense menu.

  • The tab Number Customers breaks out the number of new customers and total customers by revenue stream, by Customer Movement.  You can even filter if customers are non-paying (they do not create revenues), paying and specifically if they are cross-selling (a cross-selling customer already is a paying customer and we need to avoid double-counting)
  • The Revenue tab shows new and total revenues revenues by revenue streams and customer movements as well as revenue growth,
  • The tab Headcounts shows the number of new and total headcounts as well as headcount and headcount-related cost by team.
  • The Expense tab breaks out all direct and indirect expenses by cost type and cost category in terms of expenses and expense growth
  • The Profitability Tab combines all this data and shows how profitability margins develop over time.
  • The Cash-Flow tab beaks out cash flow into cash-flow from financing,  investments and operations and shows how cumulated cash-flow from opertaions (bank balance) develops over time.
  • The tab Customer Lifetime Metrics shows the Unit Economics per revenue stream. You find the same data in menu Revenue > Manage Menu for a detailed explanation of those.

Like in any other menu, you can select for which time periods you want to check the data. You can choose between a monthly view showing 1 year, a quarterly view showing 3 years or yearly view showing 5 years. You can also browse through the periods.

Please check out the additional links in the Getting Started Box which provide more help through our help portal.