Dashboard - Movement Tables

The last tab in this Menu shows you what we call the cCstomer Movemnets table. Per revenue stream you can see how customers move through their lifecycle 

  • Beginning Customers:    Beginning Customer at period (=Ending Customers of prior period)
  • Reduction Customers:    # Customers which are up-/downgrading from this plan to another plan  (MOVING OUT)
  • Expansion Customers:    # Customers which are up-/downgrading from another plan into this plan (MOVING IN
  • Renewable:        # Customers out of Beginning which contracts are up for renewal
  • Churned Customers:       # Customers which churn / do not renew their contracts
  • New Customer:                New Customers as per Forecast
  • Net New Customer:        New Cust. + Expansion Cust. - Reduction Cust. - Churned Cust. (assuming positive values)
  • Ending Customers:          Beginning Customers of this period plus Net New Customers
  • Sold Customers:               New Cust. + Renewable Cust. - Churned Cust. (assuming positive value) + Expansion Cust. (IN)

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