Customer Area

If you have signed up for a Lean-Case workspace or you were granted Owner Rights, you have access to the Customer Area. The Customer Area allows you to manage your Lean-Case workspace. You can

  • invite members and manage their status
  • maintain your subscription and billing status and
  • manage the branding of your workspace if you have the Lean-Case Business edition 
  • and - of course - you can access your project workspaces from here

User Types

You can browse and filter all users and their status. There are 4 types of users

  1. 1
    The Customer who has signed up for the workspace. The Customer can manage the subscription and the billing status, manage all members in the workspace and define Workspace Owners
  2. 2
    Workspace Owners who – like the customer –  can also manage the workspace, invite full members to the workspace and add more projects to each member
  3. 3
    Full Members who have been invited to a workspace by any of its Owners. They can create their own Lean-Projects and share those projects with anyone else
  4. 4
    Guest Members. They have been invited to a project with editing or viewing rights but – because they are not Full members - they cannot create any project themselves

Actually, a user can be a member of several workspaces.  He can be

  • the Customer and Owner of his own workspace.
  • a full member of the workspace owned by his investor and
  • a guest member of a workspace, because he was invited to check out one of the Lean-Case projects on that space

In the top bar, you find the workspaces which are enabled for your email address: pick the one where you want to work and Go there. 

Managing the Workspace 

As a workspace owner, you can

  • invite anyone as a full member to your workspace,
  • re-send or cancel these invitations
  • invite guest members to become full members
  • add additional projects to members once they have reached their project limit
  • make a member to become an owner and make an owner to become a member again
  • deactivate a member (in this case the member’s project are still accessible for all users which were invited to them. You will no longer be billed for the user, but only for additional projects - if any had been granted to him - above his maximum of projects)
  • remove a user so that also all his projects will be deleted and are no longer accessible for anyone. You will no longer be billed for the user and any of his additional projects

Branding the Workspace

On top of managing all the membership, you can also brand your workspace if you bought a Lean-Case Business Edition. You can

  • define the look and feel of the menu by uploading a logo and defining its colors for the menu bar and its fonts
  • select default colors for all the charts which you use in Lean-Case projects and
  • specify the chart credits (which is the link displayed in the lower right corner of each chart)

As a customer, you can – of course – also manage your subscription status and change billing address

Let us know your questions and make use of the help we provide via the help menu in the upper right corner of the menu bar.