Headcount Menu

The Headcount Menu is the  key menu to create, manage and review the headcount assumptions of a Lean-Case project. 

Headcount Teams are the basic Lean-Case concept to add and manage different types of headcounts in your Lean-Case project, e.g. all headcounts in an Engineering Team

  • the Jobs for the VP of Engineering and his assistant
  • a Group of Software Developers growing over time
  • Customer Support Roles growing by the number of customers
  • Team Leads as Manager Roles which have to be hired over time to manage the increasing Group of Software Developers and Customer Support Roles

To add a new team, click on <+ Add Team> .  Give your Team a name and assign the right categories:

  • Each headcount team can be categorized by Cost Type and Location. Importantly, you can also define if the cost for this team is 
  • indirect cost related to G&A, S&M or R&D  or
  • direct cost  which is directly related to revenues such as CoGS, COS (Cost of Selling) or CAM (Cost of Marketing). In this case, you also have to assign the relevant revenue stream.
  • To each Headcount Team, you can add headcounts and headcount related cost in 5 different ways
  • Individual Jobs  - these are typically individual Jobs like a CTO, a VP Product, an assistant...
  • Groups - to make it simple you can also add Groups. Groups are jobs with similar job and salaries profiles e.g. Software Engineers/Factory Workers/... . You add the same data as for Jobs but instead of entering a start and and end date you have a hiring plan to edit when you hire a new job you your group
  • Team Roles - Team Roles are typically related to sales, account management or support functions. Similar to Groups, Team Roles have similar job and salary profiles. But other than Group Members, Team Roles are not hired at specific points in time. Hiring Team Roles depends on drivers like the number of Sales teams, Sales Quotas to sign up a new customers per month or simply revenues. 
  • Manager Roles - In addition, you can add Manager Roles to automatically add management layers. Manager Roles work similar to Team Roles but use different drivers. They are based on the headcounts hired into Groups and Team Roles to be able to add managerial layers (e.g. a team Lead per 6 developers in a Group  or a Sales Manager per every 5 Sales Reps which are hired as Team Roles.
  • On top, you can add Headcount Related Cost per team. Specifically. headcount related cost include one-time cost per new headcount (e.g. for recruiting or onboarding a new headcount) and ongoing monthly cost per headcount (e.g. this could be monthly  recurring cost regarding travel or IT spent)

In the top part of the Plan View, you can review key results of your calculation. Key Metrics, how revenues develop and how they average for the selected monthly, quarterly or yearly view.

In the top bar you select which time periods you want to see. A monthly view showing 1 year, a quarterly view showing 3 years or yearly view showing 5 years. You can also browse through the periods. The key metrics in the upper left corner as well as the two charts always show data for the time period which you have selected. 

Please check out the additional links in the Getting Started Box which provide more help through our help portal.