Manager Roles

You can add Manager Roles to automatically add management layers. Manager Roles work similar to Team Roles but use different drivers. They are based on the headcounts hired into Groups and Team Roles to be able to add managerial layers (e.g. a team Lead per 6 developers in a Group  or a Sales Manager per every 5 Sales Reps which are hired as Team Roles).

To add a Manager Role to a Headcount Team and define the driver how how roles are hired, select the tab <Manager Role> and click the button <+ Add Manager Role>

Enter the following parameters

  • Position of Role (e.g. Team Lead)
  • Organizational Function for the Job (e.g. Marketing, Sales, ..) 
  • Job Type (select between Employee or Contractor)
  • Role's Headcount in % (e.g. a full time person is accounted with 100%, a half time person with 50%)
  • Monthly Base Salary paid for each Manager Role
  • Monthly Variable Salary paid for each Manager Role
  • Average Benefits and Taxes Rate paid by the company for Employees (for a Contractor the value is set to 0)
  • Salary Growth in % for the job
  • Time Period for the salary increase (typically: Yearly)
  • Number of Volume Drivers required to add 1 Manager Role (see explanation below)
  • Volume Driver in terms of Headcount Group or Headcount Team Role which drives hiring of Manager Roles (see explanations below)