Revenue Menu

The Revenue Menu is one of the  key menu items to create, manage and review the key components of a Lean-Case project:

You find the different views PlanCheck, Manage and Track to create and review your revenue assumptions.

Plan View

In the Plan View

  • Create the  revenue assumption for your Lean-Case Project by adding Revenue Streams. To add a new Stream, click on <+ Add Revenue Stream> and select the appropriate Revenue Model
  • Depending on the chosen revenue model, you can plan your assumptions for revenue streams and revenue plans. Check the corresponding Revenue Model and Metric Definitions for details on how to plan:
  • Revenues (e.g. in terms of price per unit, price expansion, revenue share and billing terms)
  • Units Sold (e.g. the number of users, customers, person days, .. being sold), 
  • Customer Churn based on contract duration or billing periods 
  • Conversions between revenue streams and revenue plans (defined by conversion rates and time periods)
  • Cost of Goods Sold (CoGS), 
  • Customer Aquisition Cost (CAC) - being made up of Cost of Selling, Cost of Marketing and Cost of Leads
  • Go To Dropdown "Main Options" 
  • In the top part of the Plan View, you can review key results of your calculation. Key Metrics, how revenues develop and how they average for the selected monthly, quarterly or yearly view. Check Work in the Plan View / Add View  for details.

Check View

In the Check Viewfind and review the data for your revenue assumptions

  • in the top part, find the data for each Revenue Stream. It shows in detail all items grouped by Unit and Revenue, CoGS and CAC assumptions for each stream.
  • in the bottom part, find the total data aggregated across all Revenue Streams. The totals are shown following the same structure: Revenues, CoGS and CAC.

Manage View

In the Manage Viewselect a revenue stream and review the unit economics dashboard for this specific screen to manage further changes to the plan

Track View

In the Track Viewfind and review how your actual Revenues,  CoGS and CAC captured in the Actuals Menu deviate from your revenue plan assumptions captured in the Revenue Plan View.