Revenue > Plan Menu

The Revenue > Plan Menu is one of the  key menu items to create, manage and review the key components of a Lean-Case project:

You create the  revenue assumption for your Lean-Case Project by adding Revenue Streams. 

Iz becomes important to understand the approach to build a Lean-Case Project with

Revenue streams combine 

  • different types of revenues  to model the stages of your customer lifecycle with different revenue types like subscription, one-time or pay-per-use revenues
  • Revenues (e.g. in terms of price per unit, price expansion, revenue share and billing terms)
  • Units Sold (e.g. the number of users, customers, person days, .. being sold), 
  • various forecast models to model how you get customers to create lead or pipeline volume
  • churn and conversion rules to model customer retention and to connect the revenue streams and simulate how you move your customers through the customer lifecycle and
  • revenue related cost  required to calculate unit economics like