One-Time or Irregular Expense

The Lean-Case Expense Widget is used to capture Cost of Goods Sold, Cost of Selling, Cost of Marketing, Headcount-related cost  and general Expenses. 

ONE-TIME OR IRREGULAR COST are ad-hoc cost which occurs one-time or in an irregular way.

To add a one-time expense, click the spreadsheet-Tab. 


  • the Description for your expense
  • the Account to which the expense should be assigned
  • turn on the "Show Table" switch

Turning on "Show Table" activate the Spreadsheet Widget to create, flexibly edit or upload a series of values.

You can effectively 

  • Create a Data Series defining initial values, increments and time periods
  • Upload Data Series via an Excel file
  • Edit any Data Series manually and
  • manipulate it switching between monthly, quarterly and yearly views