While Lean-Case enables you to set forward-looking projections, Lean-Board allows you to measure the projections against the actual result and set, manage and track your business objectives - even by connecting to 3rd party systems

Lean-Board strategically combines 2 components

  • a KPI Dashboard to track Goals vs Actuals
  • a Planning Dashboard to track Objectives against progress made

There is a huge opportunity if you measure the actuals and progress. Where you are today versus where you set the projection. You want to understand if there are any huge gaps.

Lean-Board allows you to

  • Set up your initial Lean-Board with the right categories for goals and objectives
  • Track Goals on a monthly basis
  • Track Business Objectives monthly and
  • View Objectives over time

Setting up Lean-Board

To get you started easily, Lean-Board provides a few standard Categories for Goals and Objectives out of the box which you can use, extend or change such as

  • Product - All businesses build something, regardless of the industry.
  • Engineering - Building the product
  • Marketing and Selling - Creating Leads and converting them into customers
  • Customer Satisfaction - Making sure customers get the product or service they expect
  • Financials - Monitoring financial results and cash flow

You can manage these categories via the button <Manage Categories> in the upper right corner. Setting up your Lean-Board, you can

  • Use our Standard Categories with pre-defined KPIs
  • Add and manage your own Categories
  • Delete, Sort and Filter Categories

After closing the Category Panel, you can select which categories you want to view.


In addition, you can customize your categories by

  • adding and customizing new goals and
  • integrating 3rd party systems to import Actual Data (e.g. from ChartMogul or DATEV - more to come)

Track Goals (KPI Dashboard)

Goals are numbers that define what success looks like. These Goals are usually financial and/or operational and make the Objectives visible in measurable terms. Goals should be more strategic in nature, defining the financial health and guiding the direction for the strategic choices.

On a monthly basic, you can

  • Select which Month you want to track and report and
  • Review your KPIs Goals

In reviewing your KPI goals, you can edit

  • Goal Status -  to capture how you feel about the current status in reaching your goal
  • Actual data for the last 3 month of the selected reporting period
  • Benchmark Value - so that you can capture which level the KPI should reach
  • Progress & Next Steps - taken towards reaching the KPI goal
  • Problems and Decisions - faced in managing the goal

Track Objectives (Planning Dashboard)

Objectives set the direction for the organization. They describe the ambition of the business and answer the question: What are we trying to achieve? They should define the playing field and the rules for winning. Over time, Objectives are a constant and meaningful reminder about what success looks like in the future and to focus the organization.

Objectives in Lean-Board can be created on a quarterly basis. You should first

  • select for which quarter you want to manage objectives and 
  • filter he Categories which you want to view

Within a category you can, add new objectives and manage them by editing

  • Objective Description - we suggest taht an objective always uses a verb to show the action
  • Objective Status -  to capture how you feel about the current status in reaching your objective
  • Objective Priority  -  to signal the relevance of the Objective
  • Progress & Next Steps - taken towards reaching the objective
  • Problems and Decisions - faced in managing the objective

If you select a new quarter for reporting, you have the opportunity to Copy Objectives from the previous quarter


You can then adjust your objectives for the new quarter by

  • adding new objectives
  • deleting objectives which are no longer relevant abd

View Objectives 

The submenu View Objectives is read-only and allows you how your Business Objectives developped from quarter-to-quarter.