Team Roles

Team Roles are typically related to sales, account management or support functions. Similar to Groups, Team Roles have similar job and salary profiles. But other than Group Members, Team Roles are not hired at specific points in time. Hiring Team Roles depends on drivers like the number of Sales teams, Sales Quotas to sign up a new customers per month or simply revenues, e.g. if you want to hire

  • 1 Sales Rep and 50% of a Sales Engineer’s capacity  per Sales Team
  • 1 Account Executive per 10 existing customers
  • 1 Customer Service Representative to manage 100k of revenues

To add a Team Role to a Headcount Team and define the driver how how roles are hired, select the tab <Team Role> and click the button <+ Add Team Role>

Enter the following parameters

  • Position of Team Role (e.g. Sales Manager)
  • Organizational Function for the Role (e.g. Marketing, Sales, ..) 
  • Job Type (select between Employee or Contractor)
  • Role's Headcount in % (e.g. a full time person is accounted with 100%, a half time person with 50%)
  • Monthly Base Salary paid for each Team Role
  • Monthly Variable Salary paid for each Team Role
  • Average Benefits and Taxes Rate paid by the company for Employees (for a Contractor the value is set to 0)
  • Salary Growth in % for the job
  • Time Period for the salary increase (typically: Yearly)
  • Number of Volume Drivers required to add 1 Team Role (see explanation below)
  • Volume Driver which drives hiring of Team Roles (see explanations below)
  • Revenue Stream/Plan for the Volume Driver