Percent-based Expense (%) 

The Lean-Case Expense Widget is used to capture Cost of Goods Sold, Cost of Selling, Cost of Marketing, Headcount-related cost  and general Expenses. 

Learn how to enter a cost or expense item based on pecentages of revenues, e.g.  

  • Payment or Logistics as percent of revenues
  • IT Cost as % of revenues

To add a percent-based expense to a Cost or  Expense Group, click the %-Tab. 

Enter the following parameters 

  • Description of cost item
  • Account to which cost item should be assigned
  • Cost Amount 
  • Revenue Driver for the Expense Item
  • Revenue Stream/Plan for the revenue Driver

On which Revenue Stream is this cost item dependent?

Select the revenue stream or revenue stream contract on which this cost item is dependent?

What is the cost driver for this cost item ?

Select the appropriate cost driver for this cost?

What percent of the cost driver do you spend on this cost item?

Enter the rate for this cost item in percent of the cost driver specified above. You can enter a flat rate or vary the number over time to reflect changing cost, … via the spreadsheet icon next to the input field.