Capital Menu

The Capital Menu is one of the  key menu items to create, manage and review the key components of a Lean-Case project. You find the different views PlanCheck and Track to create and review your capital related assumptions such as Funding and Capital Expenditures (CapEx).

The Capital Menu is the Lean-Case concept to add and manage different asset related metrics

  • Create the capital assumption for your Lean-Case Project by adding Capital Groups. To add a new Group, click on <+ Add Capital>. Give your capital group a name and select the capital category, e.g. Funding or CapEx.  
  • You can enter two different types of capital or assets:
  • Funding, You can add funding in terms of loans for which interest must be paid and which must be repaid, own contributions or equity injections in form of common or preferred stock
  • CapEx  You can also add CAPEX investments by entering the CapEx Amount, the Time of investment and the time of depreciation in months
  • In the top bar you select which time periods you want to see. A monthly view showing 1 year, a quarterly view showing 3 years or yearly view showing 5 years. You can also browse through the periods. The key metrics in the upper left corner as well as the two charts always show data for the time period which you have selected. Please check out the additional links in the Getting Started Box which provide more help through our help portal.