Sep 29

Unit Economics – Do you have a viable business model ?

By Eckhard Ortwein | Investor , Lean-Case

Unit Economics: Is Customer Lifetime Value > Cost of Customer Acquisition?

This post provides Entrepreneurs, Business Managers and Investors provides a simplified model and an introduction to Unit Economics enabling you to validate if the business model for any SaaS or subscription/recurring revenue business is viable.Unit Economics answer a key business question:  Is the Lifetime Value of a customer significantly higher than the cost to acquire a customer? We also have a look at various factors, how they can impact unit economics and how you can check your unit economics in 7 steps. Why is this so relevant? Only if you get your unit economics right, you can invest funds into scaling your business. 

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Sep 16

What is a Business Model ?

By Eckhard Ortwein | Business Model , Investor , Lean-Case

What is a business model

What is a Business Model and what turns a Business Model into a Business Case?

A great business model describes your business logic and supports it with meaningful numbers and metrics. However, most business model approaches are very thin (not even lean) when it comes to numbers and metrics. They don't lay out activities to quantify assumptions or even suggest meaningful benchmarks. So, what is a business model? This post proposes a business model framework taking the best elements of a few approaches and allowing you to capture your assumptions in a structured manner. We describe what turns a Business Model into a Business Case and how you can easily quantify your assumptions. Discover a completely new way of how to create a business case.

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Jul 20

On Target Earnings per Inside Sales Rep – Are Your Inside Sales Reps “Pay-As-You-Go” or Overhead?

By Eckhard Ortwein | Uncategorized


Get a clear vision of your business

On target earnings or OTE for inside sales reps in your company clearly impact your bottom line. You need to pay well enough to attract sales talent of the level required to meet your revenue goals. Yet you also have to maximize profit on each sale. And just to spice things up, your choice of the base-salary-to-variable ratio of such on-target earnings will also have an impact. It impacts  your finances particularly in the first few months of existence of your SaaS or software company.

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Jul 17

How to Manage Metrics to Make Good Business Decisions

By Dmitrii B. | Metrics


Metrics are not tools, they're indicators

Decision-making in business is answering the question "What is the next step?". To know that, you need to first figure out where you are as a business at the moment. That's what metrics are for.
What do they indicate? Many things, but the outcome depends on how well you manage metrics and extract the data they hold.

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Feb 14

75 Best Practice SaaS Benchmarks for your Business Case

By Eckhard Ortwein | Benchmarks , SaaS

75 Best Practice SaaS Benchmarks for your Business Case

Facing reality - using Benchmarks in SaaS Business Planning

This post provides SaaS entrepreneurs, Business Managers and Investors with an overview of top resources for SaaS and Software benchmarks.Across those resources, we have selected 75 best practice benchmarks to make reasonable assumptions in numerous situations … when creating your SaaS business case, when finding the right growth strategy, when trying to understand your performance or reviewing an investment proposal. You can access all these benchmarks plus many more online in the Lean-Case Benchmark portal. They help you to face reality. You can apply benchmarks - either to vet your business model assumptions or to measure your actual performance against peers. 

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Jan 20

Resource Guide for your Go-To-Market

By Timon Ortwein | Uncategorized


A perfect world of sales and marketing collaboration

The present marketing world is evolving every minute. In a perfect world, sales and marketing work in collaboration. The old-school approach of recruiting people with just sales knowledge or marketing experience is dying. The digital ecosphere has bridged the gap between the marketing and sales professional. Today, every front-end professional who interacts with the consumers must hold knowledge about the end to end cycle of business. Here we are sharing resources and tools which support this approach.

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Oct 16

Creating a SaaS B2B Business Case in 30min

By Eckhard Ortwein | Lean-Case , SaaS

B2B_Tutorial_0_SaaS_B2B Business Modell

Understand if your case is viable

We are going to show you how you can understand Customer Lifetime Value and your Unit Economics by creating a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Business Case in Lean-Case. It takes 3 steps and 30 mins to set up your customer pricing, set up the profile of a Sales Team with a Quota and the time plan when you add teams to your plan. 

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