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Apr 15

Lean-Case Tutorial – The SaaS B2B Business Model Template

By Eckhard Ortwein | Business Model , Lean-Case Template , SaaS , Tutorial

LeanCase Tutorial B2B Template

Lean-Case Tutorial - The SaaS B2B Template

This tutorial shows how to create a Lean-Case SaaS B2B model with a Get-Customer-Phase modelling the Sales Process of converting prospects into customers and a Keep-and-Grow-Customer-Phase modelling the Account Management Process. You learn how to set up all revenue streams across those two phases, connect the streams with conversion rules and validating the mechanics of your model. We are also showing you how to add all elements to calculate your unit economices - churn, cost of goods sold and cost of selling.  Finally, we provide an example how to add organizational units to your model with jobs, groups, team roles and manager roles. Headcounts can be automatically calculated driven by the number of sales teams, customer quotas or revenues. After learning these basics, you can get started to adjust your model. 

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Dec 10

The SaaS Business Model – double revenues with incremental improvements

By Eckhard Ortwein | Business Model , Lean-Case , SaaS

LeanCase WinningbyDesign

The SaaS Business Model and the power of incremental improvements 

This post illustrates how incremental improvements along the Customer Lifecycle of a SaaS Business Model can result in massive changes of outcome for revenues as well as profitability.  In Customer Lifecycle models  revenues are not the sum of deals, but the product of conversion and expansion rates, creating "multiplicative" instead of "additive" impact. We describe which time, conversion, volume and financial metrics are required to capture all assumption for the business model. Learn how you can more than double your revenues by improving key metrics only between 10% and 15%.

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Sep 16

What is a Business Model ?

By Eckhard Ortwein | Business Model , Investor , Lean-Case

What is a business model

What is a Business Model and what turns a Business Model into a Business Case?

A great business model describes your business logic and supports it with meaningful numbers and metrics. However, most business model approaches are very thin (not even lean) when it comes to numbers and metrics. They don't lay out activities to quantify assumptions or even suggest meaningful benchmarks. So, what is a business model? This post proposes a business model framework taking the best elements of a few approaches and allowing you to capture your assumptions in a structured manner. We describe what turns a Business Model into a Business Case and how you can easily quantify your assumptions. Discover a completely new way of how to create a business case.

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