Maximize your portfolio’s perfomance

As a venture capitalist or as a private equity Investor, you want to apply business case standards in picking the handful of deals to pursue. The problem is that you need the means to run simple simulations, compare different cases and gain insights across those. Lean-Case will offer you all that, and more.

Lean Case Venture Capital Investor

Take the best investment decisions

Error-prone excel spreadsheets dictate decision making and drive a poor analysis of new and existing cases. A lot of bad decisions are taken and a lot of good decisions are not taken. Now, with Lean-Case you get the perfect solution to:

Simplify selection and evaluation process

Speed up investment decisions

Track your portfolio

Get a clear vision on your opportunities

While you may look at thousands of deals in a given year, you can only pick a handful of deals to pursue. Get a crystal clear view on your investment opportunities and existing portfolio with Lean-Case.

Lean-Case VC Pay off

Run your portfolio smoothly

Identifying the right opportunities is just the beginning. Keeping track of your investments is essential to ensure the good health of your portfolio.

Lean Case Venture Capital

Track and manage progress against plans

Check if your investments are meeting the sales goals and staying on budget. Track progress against this plan and adjust if and where necessary, at any time.

Lean Case Venture Capital

Get timely updates from your businesses

Gain full transparency by getting access and clarity on your businesses plans, actuals and key metrics, as well as relevant benchmark data, all in one place.

More Funding

Our job, as an accelerator has become much easier since we are using Lean-Case. We got on the same page with our startups, our plans and pitches look better than ever before and we see real results in getting more funding.

Lean-Case sets a Standard

Lean-Case should be the Standard for every VC! We've been able to raise our initial round of $36m for Newstore working with the Lean-Case Team. The approach is focused on the customer lifecycle which is the key driver for revenue planning. Logical but very hard to do in spreadsheets.

For any startup portfolio

Really enjoyed working with Lean-Case and our latest cohort. A very useful set of tools to help build robust and defensible financial models. Highly recommended for any startup portfolio!

Business Focus

Trying to understand Excel Models to evaluate a business opportunity if frustrating. Lean-Case provides right platform to evaluate opportunities focusing the discussion on business assumptions and learnings. Now we can really focus on what matters, growing the business!

Transparency creating trust

I never felt so close to my teams and in control of my investment portfolio. Lean-Case offers great projection features and allows a level of interactivity that we all appreciate. This kind of transparency between startups and us, investors, is something we all needed. It creates trust and is greatly appreciated.

Ram Shoham Founder - Frankfurt Accelerator
Stephan Schambach Serial Entrepreneur - Newstore, Demandware, Intershop
Alex Wrottesley Head of Geovation Accelerator, London
Ingo Franz Venture Partner - Kreaxi
Eduardo Shoval General Partner - OurCrowd First