Readme Section Heading 1 - 34 px 

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This is the section for the Read-Me Abstract of the post in 18 px font size - with this font size its its better readable in the Blog Overview Section.
The Section Title is heading 2 as Heading 1 is the title of the post on the top - so no need to use more H1

Picture above is the Featured Image of the post. BE CAREFULL - DO NOT DELETE THE FEATURED PICTURE - ONLY REPLACE IT (otherwise formatting for mobile goes wrong). To replace the image, click on the image and go to Main Options of Thrive Theme Editor in upper left corner.

The SEPARATOR LINE below "with More ..." separates the ReadMe Section from the Main Section. DO NOT DELETE


Main Section Heading 2 - 28 px 

This is text in 18 px and color #666666. Do not copy a text box alone. Only copy the Content Box around it. Becasue the Content Box defines the spacing of paragraphs and the spacing behind the box.  

This is a new paragraph and the spacing is 8 px.  If you want to learn about spacing and why you alsways need a content box around text boxes, check this article

  • This is  styled List. text is also 18px and font color #66666
  • To add/delete bullets, select element "Styled List" in Top Menus
  • Go To Dropdown "Main Options" 
  • Bullet List 4
  • Bullet List 5

Heading 2 - 28 px 

Heading 3 - 24 px 

Section Continues with a numbered list

  1. 1
    This is  Numbered List. Text is also 16px and font color #66666
  2. 2
    To add/delete bullets, select element "Numbered List" in Top Menus
  3. 3
    List Element

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