Make the right investment decisions

As an angel investor, you want to make the right investment decisions, and track them easily. The problem is that you are wasting too much time with error-prone spreadsheets, trying to understand spreadsheet formulas and check them for errors. Lean-Case will solve that issue, and many more.

Lean-Case Make the right investment decisions

Evaluate investment opportunities at a glimpse

Do not let error-prone excel spreadsheets dictate your decision making! A lot of bad investments are done and plenty of good ones are missed. Now, with Lean-Case you get the perfect solution to:

Have benchmarks at hand

Know the viability of a case

Take the right decision

Recognize the right opportunities

While you may recieve hundreds of pitches per year, you can only pick a handful of deals to pursue. Get a clear view on your investment opportunities and track your existing portfolio with Lean-Case.

Lean-Case Angel Pay Off

Set your startups for success

Identifying the right investment opportunities is just the beginning. Providing constant support and advice to your startups is essential for them to succeed. And for you, too.

Lean-Case Angel Investors

Track and manage progress against plans

Check if your startups are meeting their sales goals and if they manage to stay on budget. Track progress against this plan and adjust when and where necessary, at any time.

Lean-Case Angel Investors

Get updates whenever you need them

Gain full transparency by getting access and clarity on all your startups’ business plans, actuals and key metrics, as well as relevant benchmark data, in one platform.

Business Focus

Trying to understand Excel Models to evaluate a business opportunity if frustrating. Lean-Case provides right platform to evaluate opportunities focusing the discussion on business assumptions and learnings. Now we can really focus on what matters, growing the business!

Ingo Franz Venture Partner - Kreaxi