The Lean-Case Business Planning Tool

Calculating your Business Plan without Excel

  • Forecast Revenue Potential.
  • Assess Business Viability (CLTV:CAC Ratio).
  • Predict Profitability.
  • Analyze Investment and Cashflow needed.

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Client Success Story

Boston Consulting Group DV

BCG DV uses Lean-Case as a standard tool for business modelling in its client projects. Consultants can now rapidly create realistic, high quality models and share them with clients. They are focusing on business logic instead of worrying about spreadsheet fomulas.

Only 21% of Experts trusts their own spreadsheets.

Plan growth smarter - fast and logical

  • Multiple business models and templates for every type of businesses.
  • Realistic and collaborative approach to revenue forecasting for your teams.
  • Plan all your cost and headcounts using credible drivers.

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Chart showing growth of multiple revenue streams month over month.
Calculate cost at every step of your funnel.

The New Accurate Way

Manage the right metrics

  • Easily calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and key metrics such as CLTV/CAC ratio and CAC payback
  • Calculate Investment required, Time-to-break-even and Time-to-get investment-back
  • Compare your metrics with industry’s best benchmarks and metrics definitions

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Uncover costly problems before they're real.

BUSINESS purpose

Make better decisions faster

  • Explore and validate the business potential with dashboards showing Revenue & Profitability, Cash-Flow, Funding, Headcounts, Expenses and Break-Even.
  • We do the hard calculation work for you and automatically generate your financial investor reports. 
  • No hassling with spreadsheet formulas. Financial tables, charts, and reports are automatically created.

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Automatic calculation of Profit & Loss Statement by quarter.
Monthly Stand-up Dashboard - Tracking Actuals vs Plan

The New Accurate Way

Track and Learn

  • Share your Lean-Case online and collaborate with the relevant people – be it your peers, partners, boards or investors
  • All business cases in one place - Ensure consistency, limit bias and minimize the potential for human error to occur. 
  • Run your Monthly Standups efficiently with Lean-Board (coming soon)

Our Team of Experts

  • We have a team ready to help you create your first business case easily.
  • Our Team can help you with your internal training requirements.
  • Our experienced experts can help you validate your business plan.
We can make sure you are using the current benchmark for your industry.

Assurance Services with Lean-Case

  • Underlying assumptions – Are they reasonable and consistent?
  • Preparation – Was the business plan properly prepared on the basis of the assumptions?
  • Presentation – Are the summary of the business plan and the underlying assumptions in line?
  • Consistency – Is the business plan consistent with
    historical financial statements and using appropriate accounting principles?

Partner Success Story

WP Burmeister - Startup Accounting

WP Burmeister is an accounting firm providing auditing, preparation and other assurance
engagements for startups.
WP Burmeister tailored assurance services defined by the International Federation of Auditors (IFAC)
and the German Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer e.V. (IDW) for business plans created with Lean-Case.

Make the right investment decisions

Why our clients love Lean-Case

Learn why BCG Digital Ventures and others recommend Lean-Case.