Lean-Case – The Business Planning Workspace

Lean-Case provides you with business models & metrics, so you can apply a standard approach to business planning, modeling, and profitability tracking.

Lean Case Business Planning Workspace

The Business Case Dilemma: 
How to make good decisions based on bad models?

pains business modelling decisons
pains business modelling decisons
pains business modelling decisons
pains business modelling decisons
pains business modelling decisons
Lean Case Pains business modelling decisons

Lean-Case Advantage

Plan growth smarter

Apply our templates, models, drivers and benchmarks to standardize and supercharge your business planning

Manage metrics which matter

Design business models based on metrics which matter most. Unlock untapped potential in shaping and validating them.

Make better decisions faster

Delight Investors and Partners with the best growth scenario for your business

Track and finally learn

Collaborate, gain transparency and insights from having all your cases in one place

A solution for every business

Accelerators & Incubators

Set your startups for success and give them guidance on the metrics that matter for investors

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VC & PE Investors

Apply business case standards in picking the deals to pursue and maximize your portfolio’s performance

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Angel Investors

Evaluate new opportunities and make the best financial investments

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Make investors trust your numbers and increase your chances of getting funded

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As a serial entrepreneur, I tried different business planning software before. Lean-Case has really impressed me with its complex business models that are fully customizable. I am able to create solid plans, with a level of detail that I could not access before, with the other tools available on the market.

Angel investors are used to the hard reality that most of the businesses they will invest in will fail. Well, I got that huge percentage of failing businesses that I invest in much lower since I use Lean-Case. It really shifted my evaluation process and I can see the results.

In our incubator, we get to work with fantastic people with brilliant ideas, but little business experience. Lean-Case has offered us the means to help them understand what matters in their plans and what investors really want to see, and that makes all the difference.

As a venture capitalist, I get to evaluate tens of investment opportunities every day. By using Lean-Case I feel that I added more weight to this evaluation process and made good decisions. It is a really powerful tool I recommend to all investors.

Jarkko Anttiroiko Co Founder & CEO Enterpay
Peter Seipp Angel Investor
Dr. Sebastian Schäfer CEO Techquartier
Vesa Jormakka Venture Partner