The Lean-Case Business Planning and Tracking Tool

Create your revenue model and growth business plan

Deliver what investors and decision makers expect


Easy to share your business plan

Deliver what investors and decision makers expect

Add numbers and immediately see the future predictions of your business. Share your calculations and impress investors and decision makers with your plan.

Let executives and investors review your plan

Let them filter out the data that’s interesting to them

It’s easy for business executives and investors to look at your financial plans from different angles and find the key values they are looking for. Cash-flow, capital need, headcount, expenses, etc. is all in one place.


Use Lean-Case to uncover costly problems

  • Back of the Envelope Calculations
  • Sales Planning
  • Business Blueprints
  • Budgeting
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Planning
  • Capital Requirements
  • Secure Financing
  • Attract Investors
  • Survive the Startup Phase
  • Understand Unit Economics
  • Traffic Scaling
  • Lead Funnels
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Efficient Cash-Flow
  • Product Launches
  • NPV Calculation
  • Lean Canvas

... before they're real


No need to manage versions. Keep scenarios always up-to-date

Collaborative, modern and more efficient

As you get feedback and learn, easily update your business plan and update scenarios. Stakeholders that you shared the plan with will immediately see your update and new scenarios.

Business Plan Templates made by industry professionals

Be ready for the tricky questions

Our business plan blueprints help you quickly set up a plan that fits your business. Questions onboard you through the process and make sure that the essential information is added.

Business Plan Template

Why our clients love Lean-Case

Learn why Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures and others recommend Lean-Case.

Metric Cac Subscription

Confused by CAC, LTV and Subscription

All lingo defined

Use our included training videos, help sections and glossary to get the latest definitions and explanations for all financial terms.

Playbooks and Tools

Be ready for your financial meetings

Use our tools such as “Key Business Questions which Investors ask” and Business case creation playbook to be ready for any questions.

Business Plan Playbook

Tracking your plan vs. actuals

Run your Monthly Standups efficiently with Lean-Board 

On a monthly basis, measure the planned projections against the actual results and set, manage and track your business objectives 

Understand if there are any huge gaps.

Create your revenue model and
growth business plan