Getting Started

To get started with Lean-Case, we would like you to first check out a simple example and then to understand the Lean-Case approach of how to set up and manage Lean-Case projects. Get started by 

Then you should dive deeper - ideally running our Product Training

Learn about all Lean-Case Menus to create a Lean-Case project in more detail:

  • Pitch Menu (optional) - to pitch your business plan
  • Dashboard Menu - to review project results in detail  
  • Revenue – Plan Menu - to set up all revenue streams across the customer lifecycle, connect the streams with conversion rules, and add all elements to calculate your unit economices - churn, cost of goods sold and cost of selling 
  • Revenue – Manage Menu - to validate the mechanics of your model and analyze the unit economics
  • Headcount Menu - to add organizational units to your model with individual jobs, groups of team members with a similar salary profile, automatically calculated team roles and manager roles.
  • Expense Menu - to add further indirect cost
  • Capital Menu - to set up funding events and create investments
  • Lean-Board Menu -  to start tracking the Lean-Case plan vs actuals