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Lean-Case Demo in 30 min

Learn how to build your case with realistic lifecycle models and answer all key investor questions about revenue forecast, unit economics, profitability and invest requirements

How do you create a winning business model?

Sure, you can create a spreadsheet from scratch or try to adapt a template. However, does that model really show the dynamics of a customer lifecycle? Does it show transparently how you create leads, how you convert them into paying customers, and how you grow your paying customers?

That's what you must focus on - if you wish to present a logical and explicable business model, or validate the assumptions of a business opportunity. You want to present a model that makes all your business assumptions crystal clear, in a decision-maker friendly format – to increase trust with interested parties.

Plus, you want to create a business model in hours instead of spending days dealing with spreadsheet traps, bugs, formulas, …

We created a 30-minute demo workshop to teach you how to build such a model with Lean-Case.

  • how to create a business model around your get-keep-grow customer lifecycle
  • which metrics you apply to model and set up the lifecycle
  • how to enter assumptions to answer all key investor questions regarding
  • - revenue potential,
  • - unit economics,
  • - profitability and
  • - funding requirements
  • How to build, present and share the model and handle all the legwork, without sacrificing quality or your time.

Why I founded this company? I’ve lots of scarce on my body learning my lessons the very hard way

  • As an early entrepreneur, I burnt thru a lot of money doing all the mistakes which you do if you have too much money, no time and no plan - until money ran out and we changed for the better
  • As a later entrepreneur, I had no time, no money but thought to have a plan. Actually, after weeks of work we had an awesome great model but no clue about the real assumptions - until we learned from our numbers and successfully build an OEM strategy in the US and exited.
  • As an early business angel, I made a terrible investment being blended by product and team not asking about unit economics. That did not help any anyone. The company crashed 3 years later.
  • As an M&A Advisor and VC Partner, I am seeing lots of great companies and product ideas with little clue about metrics every day. And I can see investors and decision makers struggle on a daily basis.

I want you to avoid the same mistakes. Don't re-invent the obvious. Check out this workshop.

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Join us for this video workshop that will change the way you think about business planning ...