Set up your startups for success

As an incubator or accelerator, you want to give your startups hands-on guidance on the metrics that matter for investors. The problem is that they don’t have the tools to model revenue and quantify standard key metrics. Lean-Case will offer you all that, and more.

Guide your startups like a pro

Startups send error prone excel sheets to investors and expect to get funding. You know it doesn’t work this way and now, with Lean-Case you get the perfect solution for your startups to:

Plan growth smarter

Take decision faster

Track progress smoother

Offer the support your startups need

You have to find the best way to educate your startups and offer them real support and advice, in order to help them get the funding they need. Get all the support you need on a single business planning platform, with Lean-Case.

Run your portfolio smoothly

Helping your startups to build the right plan is just the beginning. Make sure they stick to it and adjust it dynamically when needed, by keeping a close collaborations with all your teams.

Track and manage progress against plan

Check if your startups are meeting their sales goals and staying on budget. Track progress against the plans and help adjusting if and where necessary.

Get updates from your startups

Gain full transparency through shared access on your stratups plans, actuals and key metrics, as well as relevant benchmark data, all in one place.

In our incubator, we get to work with fantastic people with brilliant ideas, but little business experience. Lean-Case has offered us the means to help them understand what matters in their plans and what investors really want to see, and that makes all the difference.

Our job, as an accelerator has become much easier since we are using Lean-Case. We got on the same page with our startups, our plans and pitches look better than ever before and we see real results in getting more funding.

Having all the cases of our startups in one place and being able to adjust them dynamically has been a tremendous help for us. Lean-Case is really the only software were we were able to model very specific business cases, in great detail, and that made all the difference.

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer CEO Techquartier
Ram Shoham Founder at Frankfurt Accelerator
Ed Smith Program Manager