How can you forecast your potential future revenues?

Lesson 2

How can you forecast your potential future revenues?

You learn how to check your revenue potential in 3 steps

  • Select Revenue Model
  • Define a typical Customer Contract
  • Create a forecast for these Customers

Select Revenue Model

eCourse1-2_1 Add Rev Stream

Add a revenue stream and select from list of pre-defined revenue models

  • Services
  • Subscription
  • Licenses
  • Transaction
  • ...

For Securly, we select a SaaS subscription Case.

Define typical Customer Contract


Enter assumptions for a typical customer subscription contract, e.g.

  • Number of Customers at beginning of period
  • Average Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Price Expansion upon Renewal
  • Customer Churn upon Renewal
  • Billing Period
  • Payment Terms
  • ...

Link Forecast Model

lean-case forecast

Link a forecast model matching best your go-to-market, e.g.

  • direct customer acquisition
  • Sales Team 
  • Sales Partners
  • ...

For Securly, we select Sales Team Model best representing going to market as an Enterprise Software Company. 

Check your Revenue Potential

eCourse1-2_2 Check Rev Stream

We show you several ways to check the revenue potential of your idea.

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