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Client Success Story

Boston Consulting Group DV

BCG DV uses Lean-Case as a standard tool for business modelling. Consultants can now rapidly create realistic, high quality models and share them with clients. They are focusing on business assumptions instead of worrying about spreadsheet logic.

Only 21% of Experts trusts their own spreadsheets.

Be in charge of your clients' projects

  • Multiple business models and templates for every type of business: SaaS, eCommerce and others.
  • Manage models for the customer lifecycle with multiple revenue streams.
  • Easily share your models with your clients - we have training available to get you up to speed.

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Example of a SaaS Customer Lifecycle Model.  We have many models available.
Customize your Lean-Case workspace with your branding.

The New Smart Way

Apply your Standards

  • Easily manage multiple projects in your own branded workspace 
  • Define your own business model templates.  Ask us to set up your own modules. We can make them available in your workspace.
  • Compare your clients' metrics with industry’s best benchmarks and metrics definitions. Ask us to create your benchmark library.

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Uncover costly problems before they're real.

Boost Metrics Qualification

  • Consultants must live up to standards. Apply our trainings to boost their metrics qualifications. We train your trainers.
  • Avoid all Spreadsheets traps. Discuss and validate realistic business assumptions instead.
  • Simulate scenarios with your clients online. They will love it.

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Benchmark Search across Metrics and Processes
Decision Maker Dashboard - All Metrics in one place

The New Smarter Way

Simplify Decision Making

  • Set Standards - get your consultants up to speed with your own models
  • Increase Quality of Delivery - minimize spreadsheet errors and avoid reinventing the obvious
  • Make your clients happy - deliver results which they can trust

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Other Consultants using Lean-Case

Moving to SaaS - A no brainer

We are working with Lean-Case to move our clients from Software Licence to SaaS Business Models. We can compare the models and identify the critical revenue and cash flow gaps. Lean-Case is a must for every Innovation Consultant.

Robert Urban Managing Director - Cloud Partners Consulting

Finally Realic Models

Modeling the dynamics of a Customer Lifefycle with conversion rates and time delays in Excel is a nightmare. However, often this is only way to create realistic model. With Lean-Case, we can run customer workshops and visualize the lifecycle online. Our customers are impressed and love our business focus.

Peter Seipp Managing Partner - Atlas Management System

The Standard for Business Plannning

I have been extremely impressed at how Lean-Case has allowed the team to deliver highest quality efficiently across a wide variety of business cases in a very short time.Lean-Case will become our standard tool for business planning.

Jürgen Eckel Partner and Managing Director - BCG Digital Ventures, Berlin
How to Create A Winning Business Model In Less Than 2 Hours
Eckhard Ortwein Lean-Case

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