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Why Businesses love Lean-Case

Learn why Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures and others  recommend Lean-Case.

Only 21% of Experts trusts their own spreadsheets.

Step-by-Step Guidance

  • Use standard templates for SaaS,  Services, eCommerce or define your own 
  • Follow step-by-step instructions and get started  in Beginner Mode
  • Watch tutorial videos with examples at any point in time

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Example of a SaaS Customer Lifecycle Model.  We have many models available.
Example how different revenue stream stack up

The New Accurate Way

Realistic Models 

  •  Easily model and simulate the real world simulating your customer lifecycle.
  • Combine different rev streams with forecast models and apply cross-sellling and up/downgrades mechanisms 
  • Use relevant value drivers to set up cost and headcounts – all this without worrying about spreadsheets formulas, cell references and look-ups

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Uncover costly problems before they're real.

Excel-like flexibility

  • Adjust any of your assumptions over time using a spreadshet like widget
  • Check and Filter all data in table formats and export monthly, quarterly and yearly values
  • Copy charts or chart data to use them in your presentations

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Spreadsheet widget
Example of "Spreadsheet Widget to adjust assumptions over time
Example of Benchmark Search

The New Accurate Way

Share and stay in control

  • Control access to your sensitive numbers 
  • Only share your Lean-Case with relevant colleagues – granting editing or viewing rights
  • Check against relevant industry benchmarks - or ask us to set up your own protected benchmark zone

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Other Businesses using Lean-Case


Every day, our partners and employees come up with more ideas for product features or innovation projects. With Lean-Case, I can easily create a realistic back-of-the-envelope case for those. We visualize revenue potential and assess business viability in no-time. Our business units and partners love this approach - business focused and collaborative.

Will Bruce VP Controlling - Sage

Loved by Corporate Investors

With Lean-Case, we created a revenue focused, transparent and logical financial plan for our follow up round. Highly professional, super efficient and loved by our corporate investors.

Elmar Eperiesi-Beck CEO & Founder - eperi Software

Much wiser decisions

In using Lean-Case for our innovation services, we understand the realistic revenue levers and cost drivers much better. What a joy compared to any Excel work! Our financial decisions are much wiser now, our risk of taking bad decisions has decreased significantly.

Ralph Meister COO, Sodexo Germany
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