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Jun 13

How To Grow Your Startup To The Scaleup Phase In 2 Years

By Kayleigh Alexandra | Lean-Case

How To Grow Your Startup To The Scaleup Phase In 2 Years

Anyone can start a business — that part isn’t particularly complicated, and there are enough guides out there that you can follow a set procedure by rote and call yourself an entrepreneur. It’s everything after that point that’s complicated. Consider this: it’s been reckoned that the probability of a new business making it to a fifth year is only slightly higher than fifty percent.

Let’s say that you’re particularly ambitious: you not only plan for your new business to survive indefinitely, but also intend to hit the scaleup phase in just a couple of years. Plenty of startups that prove sustainable never achieve the kind of success needed to scale up significantly, so you’re clearly facing a major challenge.

Nothing is ever guaranteed, naturally, but how can you optimize your chances of reaching your goal? Here are some suggestions to help you navigate the choppy waters of startup growth:

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