Getting Started - Your first Lean-Case in 20 min

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About this course

Learn how to build a professional Business-Case with Lean-Case in 20 min.  Discover how you can answer 5 key business questions:

- What is your business model?
- How can you forecast your potential future revenues?
- Is your business viable?
- When does it become profitabel?
- How to track your business performance?

Also learn, how to to keep Lean-Case working for you by finetuning your assumptions like using a spreadsheet and sharing your Lean-Case with peers or investors.

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Course Structure

What is a Business Model?

Discover the elements of a business model and understand how they map into Lean-Case 

How can you forecast your potential future revenues?

Discover how  to select the Revenue Model, define a typical Customer Contract and create a forecast for this customer segment 

Is your business viable?

Understand how to check the unit economics and viability of your case by adding all revenue related cost (Cost of Goods Sold, Cost of Selling, Cost of Marketing)  

When does your business become profitable?

Discover when your business becomes profitable and what the required investment is 

How to keep Lean-Case working for you?

Learn how to finetune your Lean-Case project, share your Lean-Case project with peers and investors and track your actuals vs your Lean-Case plan


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