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Plan growth smarter

Apply a standard approach to model amd manage any of your company’s business cases – be it be it SaaS, eCommerce, Advertising, ..
Choose from our templates, models, drivers and benchmarks to model your revenue streams, expenses, capital and headcounts.

Any Revenue Modelling

Select from our templates to model your revenue mix (Subscription B2B/B2C, eCommerce, Marketplace, Advertising, License, Professional Service, Product, ..), upload your Sales Forecast from Salesforce or Excel or talk to us to customize your own model.

Flexible Cost Planning

Pick the right drivers and tags to add Cost of Goods Sold, Cost of Marketing, Cost of Selling and General Expenses, e.g. add a one-time onboarding cost per new user, a monthly customer service charge per existing user, payment cost as a percentage of revenue or upload your own cost data.

Manage metrics better

Immediately understand the unit economics of a customer contract and a Sales Team and the viability of your business. Is the lifetime value of a customer high enough to justify the cost of customer acquisition? What’s the cashflow requirement to achieve relevant growth?  

Sales Scaling

Define your Sales Team Profile and Scaling Rules to understand revenue impact, major investment required as well as the Time-To-Break-Even to add one additional Sales Team as well as cash flow requirements to set up the entire Sales Power,

Key Metrics Simulation and Benchmarking

Simulate the viability of your go-to-market model by understanding the customer lifetime and unit economics abd the sensitivities of input factors. Make use of industry’s best benchmarks and metrics definitions. 


Take decisions faster

Simulate and Compare business model scenarios and present smart financial projections to partners and decision makers.Upload your actuals to manage and track your progress and support your annual planning and quarterly and monthly business reviews.

Finally gain insights from having all your business cases in one place.

Valuable Insights

By having all your cases in one place, you can apply standards, make business analysis a piece of cake and finally gain valuable insights from your activities for future decisions.

Smart Financial Projections

Leverage Reports on Income, Cash-Flow, Funding and Break-Even and upload your actuals from your favorite tools to track your business. Compare business model scenarios and evaluate business model transitions (e.g. Move a License business to SaaS)


Track progress smoother

Share and track your plans with the relevant people – be it your peers, partners, boards or investors. Stay in control of who has access. 

Rely on enterprise grade security measures like single sign-on and multi factor authentication.


Provide your Branded Portal

You can setup the Lean-Case Portal with your brand, preferred models and benchmarks to differentiate your business for your staff, customers and partners.

Customize your own model

We have Business Model Templates for almost any type of situation you can dream of. But if you don't find what you need, ask us to customize and integrate your own specific models faster than you could possibly build a new model in Excel

Run an Enablement Program

Develop and Rollout a Training Program to enable your staff, partners or customers to apply your companies metrics and business model concepts and engage.


What-if Business Modelling becomes part of daily decision making?

Business People gain massively if they apply a standard approach to modelling.
Businesses finally gain insights managing all cases in one place



Teaching Students, passionate Educators can teach what truly matters for Entrepreneurs.

The Lean Startup movement has revolutionized Entrepreneurship lectures given by professors, trainers or mentors on how we create products and companies. However, when students want to model the diverse revenue and cost streams as well as the relationship to get, keep and grow customers, there is a lack of support. They all find themselves in creating an Excel model from scratch. 

The Lean-Case Business Case Portal enables all types of educators to introduce an efficient financial modeling service as part of their Entrepreneurship class.  Instead of re-inventing the obvious in Excel. students can actually tap into a growing library of models, templates and benchmarks for standard business models which come with standard metrics, explanations and benchmarks. Educators can actually spend valuable time with their students on what truly matters while boost their qualification in financial modeling and simulation. Being able to draw conclusions for each students and across all their classes, allows them to gain valuable insights and case studies.


 Stephan Schambach 

 Founder Intershop, Demandware, NewStore 


Lean-Case Should become the Standard for every VC!

- Growing Smarter